If you’re anything like me, the summer season is cause for major celebration. The longer hours of sunshine and the warmer weather are enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. And that’s usually why we hate to see it end. But with a few savvy décor choices, from thoughtful accessories to colour additions, summer can last much longer inside our home. Here are some tips that will have us feeling those endless summer vibes:

  1. Colour Matters – When it comes to summer specific shades, shoot for vibrant and saturated colours that feel fresh and natural. Think about playful shades of pink, green or yellow. I find that a simple pillow case switch or a small coffee table accessory can be enough, but if that’s too much, adding some colourful grocery store flowers is perfect.
  2. Find Season Specific Art – Art is another easy way to give your space a hint of summer. By choosing pieces that feature tropical themes—things like beach landscapes — you make it possible to mentally escape to the sun soaked coast any time you want. You can also consider changing the frame! Rather than rustic wood textures, which tend to read a bit cozy and fall-like, choose a bright white frame or one with a bold gold surround.
  3. Add Natural Elements – It’s no secret that fresh flowers and live greenery instantly change a space, which can be especially powerful throughout the summer months. I love having some green in my home year round, but some great indoor flowering plants are the Zebra, African Violet, Jasmine and Oxalis. Regardless of what you choose, bringing some nature in will afford your home a budget-friendly face lift.
  4. It’s About All the Senses – In the fall we love cuddling up to the fire with a big chunky knit, but in the summer, lightweight materials are best. I always bring out my woven baskets, a bright blanket and even a gold metal tray for contrast. When it comes to scents, I burn candles that remind me of being outdoors – fresh and sweet!
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