When it comes to decorating the house, bedrooms typically come last, which is funny, since we spend so much time in them!  When we moved into our current home, we made sure that the kid’s rooms were functional, but didn’t really pay that much attention to the details.  Now that the boys are a bit older and have their own distinct tastes, we thought it was time to create spaces that truly reflected their personalities!
Our 9 year old middle son absolutely loves to draw and enjoys cozying up with a book for a little downtime. He also also truly loves lego!  I made sure to take these factors into consideration when it came to decorating his space.   Designated “zones” for activities help when it comes to creating a functional layout as well as choosing furniture and lighting.
His colour palette of choice – red and black, and with his approval, I added hints of grey and white.  Since kid’s tastes change rather quickly, I made a point to choose furniture that could grow with him.  The Dessy Junior bed was a great option as it boasts ample storage with drawers beneath the bed on one side as well as shelves in the headboard (a perfect spot for all of his books and DVDS!)  Another bonus is that the bed is a double, so we know that there will plenty of space for him as he continues to grow. It also makes for great tents and bedtime stories and if you happen to fall asleep next to your little one, you’ll both be super comfy!
We took a trip to our local Leon’s store in Trenton and he had a chance to test out several different Simmons mattresses, which he thought was the best thing ever!  After narrowing down his choices, we both agreed that a firm mattress was the most comfortable and we landed on the Simmons Splendor.  We both love that this particular mattress has “beautycool technology”.. which basically means the mattress helps regulate body temperature when you sleep- keeping you cool all night long (so perfect for summer!). He loves the fact that he can totally spread out without touching the edges of the bed!  We added pattern with his bedding, a pillow and we made sure to add a cozy throw for when he wants to curl up to read a favourite book!
As mentioned, I took into consideration what he would be spending time doing in his newly decorated space.  Reading, drawing and building lego were at the top of the list.  A gallery wall gives him space to hang his masterpieces and fills the empty space above the dresser.  What I love about this dresser is that the drawers are low, so that he can easily see what’s inside of them and access his clothing easily.  An additional bonus to the lower height is that he can use the dresser surface to showcase his lego creations!
Vinyl decals on the wall that the bed is on, help to create a great focal point in the room.  What is amazing about these decals is that they are not only affordable, but they are also removable.  It’s an inexpensive way to add impact to a room and then when it’s time to freshen up the space, you can simply peel them off and start over!
Because everyone needs a hashtag whiteboard, we created a custom one for his room!  We sprayed a white board frame glossy red and then used black washi tape to create a hashtag and line for him to write whatever he chooses!  As you can see, he’s got the beach on his mind!  Me too, kiddo, me too!
When it comes to decorating kid’s room, keep it fun!  Incorporate their interests in creative ways and allow them to help with the creative process.  Pick a selection of fabrics that will work well with the room and allow them to choose their favourite!  I’m so thrilled to have a space for him to call his own and he is too!
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