When we moved to the outskirts of town we wanted to fully embrace the simplicity of living outside the hustle and bustle of the city’s limits, but really we moved for the epic country sunsets. The only real problem was that we didn’t have a space or the means to enjoy the picture worthy evening skies that were filled with picture worthy ribbons of pink and gold.

We embraced the needs of our fixer upper upon moving in during the fall of last year but most recently we excitedly waited for summer weather to come along so we could build and create a space outdoors. We wanted a space where we could truly enjoy the summer skies and be together as a family.

A porch and some new outdoor furniture would be the perfect fix. We set our sights on creating the perfect spot where we could take in the sky’s summer sights.

There is something so special about watching the sunset, don’t you think? It’s a natural phenomenon that is never the same but always amazing. Our children get it. On the nights when the sky is the brightest shades of royal red, cotton candy pink and beautiful blush our daughter will shout out that the sky is full of her favorite colors and that it was painted just for her, and for a second, we feel a part of something bigger than ourselves.

That’s why we HAD to create a front porch on our new home. We needed a space to soak in the last ribbons of a summer’s sky, and we also wanted to essentially double our living space.

We love the idea of enjoying a front porch like the good old days, but we wanted to fill our front porch with furniture that was both comfortable, functional and timeless. The Palm Harbour Conversation set was the perfect match.

It is complete with a two piece chair set, deep enough to curl up in with a warm blanket on a cool summers night and has a loveseat one of us has been known to spread out on during the day, in the shade, while flipping through a good book.

I have been known to escape to the front porch in the wee hours of the morning, because me time is important, and because sunrises out here are just as good as the sunsets. The glass topped coffee table is a perfect spot to spread out that magazine I have been hoarding, waiting for the perfect time to break it open and it is also the best spot to place my morning coffee while I breathe in the fresh morning air.

I never thought an outdoor space could be life changing, but I was wrong. Taking the time to take in the calm of the morning or the beauty of the evening can change your outlook on the day. It can remind you that your home is meant to be lived in, not just looked at. It can also remind you that you might have spaces right under your nose just waiting to be lived in and enjoyed.

Life is always evolving, as is the home. Summer is the best season to look around you, to take in all of the growing and beautiful things and to think about how you can enjoy nature and your out door spaces even more. You might be surprised, to sit down, to look up and to realize that those summer sunsets were made for you too.

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