As a first time mom, experiencing the overwhelming amount of things a baby needs can be so daunting. Before you know it, you’ve got diapers, wipes, burp cloths, soothers and teeny tiny clothes laying around all over the house – and that’s before the baby even arrives! It doesn’t have to be so overwhelming, however, if you take some small steps towards organizing the important things. Joy, a soon-to-be third-time mom, knows exactly what I mean so I worked with her to make things as easy as possible as their family grows. Here are some of our best tips for keeping organized:

Use small baskets next to the changing area

Especially for those late night diaper changes, you don’t want to be opening up drawers to get the essentials. Keeping a few things within easy reach makes all the difference!

Group similar items together

It really helps that the Cameron Dresser has three small drawers at the top because grouping like items is a breeze. One drawer for extra diapers, one for extra wipes, and one for the small items they don’t necessarily use every day, like thermometers, nail clippers, and extra creams and lotions.

Use small bins to organize larger drawers

When clothes are so tiny, they can easily get lost (and very messy) inside of large dresser drawers. Using labelled bins helps to keep it all contained, and it means anyone can put laundry away since everything is so clear. This is also great if you want to move things around seasonally and put often-used items in the higher drawers.

Make room for future sizes

Babies grow VERY quickly so keeping one drawer of future sizes handy is never a bad idea. You never know when those onesies will just refuse to button up!

Keep a basket handy for things that are too small

Having a basket, empty diaper box, or any other container close by (in the closet, for example) to toss in those items that no longer fit is a great way to keep yourself a little more organized. This way, items that are too small don’t stay in the drawers taking up space and you can choose to save those tiny items for the next family member or give them away.


Cameron Dresser

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