Toronto photographer Adam Coish focuses in on his subjects’ faces, their personalities, their senses of humour, and – of course – their sofas.

It’s just a regular shoot day. Adam Coish, a photographer known for The Couch Series, a passion project, photographing families in their living rooms, sits Margo on the left side of the sofa and Todd in the middle. Their hairless furbaby cat perches on the chaise. Coish plays around with the décor accents, then demonstrates how he’d like the couple to pose.

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Photo of Margo and Todd as photographed by Adam Coish

Who are Margo and Todd? Adam Coish finds out

It’s a typical photograph session for Coish. Except, instead of a quirky couple with their fur(less) baby, they’re actors – from Leon’s recent Surprisingly Stylish campaign. See the most recent spot below.

You may recognize this family from TV, social media or even the Leon’s flyer. They’re the chic couple who decorated their home with gorge pieces from a charming boutique called LéOns. We all know it better as Leon’s.

Coish’s couch photos have been featured on BlogTO, Toronto Life, Breakfast Television, The Toronto Star and the CBC. “It also led to working with Leon’s,” says Coish, 33, originally from Labrador City, Nfld. “It was my biggest goal that it could lead to work and getting to work with a company I respect so much.”

Coish met with Leon’s to discuss his art and how we could work together; and having him shoot this campaign made sense.

“This photo does exactly what I do in The Couch Series. It’s a similar vibe. It all starts with Margo and Todd,” he says. “You get a sense of their humour, personalities and their style. It’s the perfect fit.”

Adam Coish continues to photograph families in their homes. Check out to see The Couch Series.

Adam Coish in his own The Couch Series portrait
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