I am a firm believer in finding a good balance between form and function.  I want my home to look beautiful, but I also want it to feel comfortable and be practical.  When it came to accessorizing my bedroom, I ignored the overly styled bedrooms in magazines and thought about what I needed and wanted from the space.

First and foremost, I didn’t want a lot of clutter.  I dust the bedroom often because a clean room helps me sleep better.  But I did add a pretty vintage tray to each nightstand to corral cell phones and eye glasses, and also added a pretty vintage leaf dish to my table for when I forget to put my wedding ring or earrings in my jewellery box across the room (too lazy!).  The tray doubles as a coaster on nights that I bring a glass of water or mug of hot tea to bed. On my side of the bed, I wanted some greenery and life.On Hubby’s side, he requested no tchotchkes of any kind, but after getting fed up with piles of coins on his nightstand (he refuses to carry any change), I added a cute piggy bank.  Now he has a place to dump his change and we’re both happy!Our bedside table lamps were purchased years ago and we still love them because there is a three-way switch that can turn on only the small bulb in the base – perfect for when we need to get up and it’s still pitch black outside.  I prefer to be eased into being awake, instead of being blinded into wakefulness.

Of course, you’ve already seen the beautiful walnut storage boxes I made to stash clutter and stacks of magazines.Across the room, I keep our dresser completely empty because that’s where I pile our plethora of throw pillows at night.  The pair of green silk ones and the pretty paisley print are purely decorative (don’t drool on them!), but the three large white ones are down filled and perfect for reading in bed.  That’s my mix of form + function.The tallboy dresser is where I get creative with accessories!  It boasts a vintage turquoise pottery bowl, two mid-century vases (a collection I hope will grow), and a sentimental vintage fox figurine, given to me by my grandmother.The colours and patterns complement my vintage poster art (bought in Hungary during a four-month research trip) and the large scale is a great balance to my gorgeous dressers from Leon’s – which are quite substantial and tall!  Most importantly, each of these pieces is sentimental and makes me smile.A bedroom is arguably the most private space in a home, and the best place to get personal with decor.  Family photos, sentimental pottery, and travel souvenirs are all at home here!  If you’re decorating your bedroom, ignore the “rules” and think about how you want to use the space: binge watching Netflix? You’ll need a spot to stash the remote (and maybe snacks)!  Reading novels?  Maybe a place to pile books and a pretty tray to corral a mug of tea and reading glasses.  Cuddling with the kids every Sunday for breakfast in bed?  Perhaps a nightstand free of breakables, lest one of those cuties karate kick a vase during a pillow fight…

You’ll hear no styling lectures from me.  Just encouragement to pick things you love and that work for you.  Happy decorating!

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