It’s the best time of the year to display what you love

Before we moved into our home three and a half years ago, I’d never had a mantel before. I’m definitely no expert, but I’ve had so much fun playing with it each season and have come up with some simple tips to keep holiday mantel styling fun and beautiful.

  1. Start big. Use whatever item you have centered over your mantel already – a painting, mirror or even your TV – as the starting point.

  1. Fresh is best. Place heaps of fresh greenery across the mantel as a garland, and bunched in vases for interest. This is one time when more is more.

  1. Add some height. Add height with candlesticks, vases of branches, or layered signs on either side of the mantel.

  1. Pick a tone or two. Use different shapes, textures, and scales to add interest but keep it within a tone or two. Think neutrals or even metallics.

  1. Have some fun. Add your own personal objects and mementos to spark joy. Maybe it’s your kids’ ukulele, or a potted plant from your bedroom. Think beyond standard Christmas decor and play with what you already have and love.

Do you have any special family heirlooms or meaningful trinkets you like to display on your mantel?

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