If you’ve been following along with my tiny bedroom makeover, you know that I last shared the issues with my current bedroom, started planning the design of my new space, and found tons of great pieces at Leon’s both online and in-store. I waited eagerly for them to be delivered to my door, and in the meantime I began planning the layout of my room. Shopping was the fun and easy part, but now comes the measuring, drawing and precise planning.

Drawing out a to-scale plan and making sure you take accurate measurements in any renovation or re-design is vital, but what I love about interior design is that sometimes the pieces dictate the space. So while I awaited my furniture to arrive, I planned out my exact layout to see where things could fit, and after doing so with my bedroom, I realized my only option was to leave the bed against the wall it currently is. Originally I was imagining my bed along the shorter wall to allow for a more open dressing area, and though it was a great thought in theory, in practice and reality it was just impractical. Sometimes knowing your limitations makes the designing easier as you have to work with what you’ve got. Once I narrowed down the options, I came up with two plans: one with the bed off-centre to the left of the room with more furniture pieces and an open space to the right, and the other the complete flip of that.

After debating it for a while, I decided to go with the second option as it would allow for a more open space as you enter the room making it appear larger and airier than it is, and it was more practical and livable in the end. Once I made the choice, I began planning out the decor and layout of my art, table-top trinkets, lamps and accessories, and making any necessary changes to my original mood-board. Sometimes your original plan is just that, a plan, and straying away from it and letting your room grow organically is best, so never think of your original design as too precious! Allow room for spontaneity and you just might be happier with the result! For me, this meant nixing the original pink hit colours in my plan in favor of more calming colours and tones to match the walls, furniture and bed.

In the midst of all of my space planning, my furniture and decor pieces arrived! It was so great to have Leon’s deliver the pieces right into my room. In fact, they asked if they could put them right in place in the bedroom and I had to explain that it was not quite ready and there was no room, so they parked themselves in our living room for a few days while I hauled out my old furniture, which was a great feeling!

Sayonara, bland bedroom, hello fresh start! Stay tuned for the big reveal!

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