For anyone who’s been following along with my bedroom makeover series, you’ll know how long I’ve been waiting for a relaxing, grown-up space to hang my hat.

(Hint for anyone who doesn’t know: I have been dreaming of this ‘after’ ever since I bought my home in 2013 — that’s how long!) So if you haven’t been following along with the process, read this ‘before’ post first, then this ‘process’ post before diving into this ‘after’ post!

Check out the video above (made by Wild and Light) to see the transformation unfold and get my insight into the design process.

I couldn’t possibly be more thrilled with how my bedroom turned out! Sometimes you have to get really creative to solve small-space problems, so I thought outside of the box and challenged myself to explore the idea of using children’s furniture, and, boy, am I glad I did. The Desert Oak collection allowed me the luxury of fitting a night-table, dresser and a chest in my space, where all adult-sized furniture I found would only allow me to fit one or two pieces. And better still, the simplicity of the shapes and hardware of the pieces allowed the decor and styling of the room to dictate the look — you’d never guess it was intended for a young kid’s room!My bedroom may be small, but it’s mighty and now boasts ample space-saving storage (even making use of the space under the bed thanks to the Vespa Queen bed)! Paired with decor from Leon’s, my bedroom is now my favourite room in our home.                         Penny Dot Grey Pillow from Tonic Living   |   Velvet Indigo Pillow from Tonic Living   |   Velvet Moss Pillow from Tonic Living   | Zia Birch Navy Pillow from Tonic Living   |   Duvet and Sheet Set from Unison Home   |   Black and White Pillowcases from Unison Home   | Feather Bowl and Umbrella Stand from Leon’s (in store)  |   Desert Oak Chest from Leon’s   |   Desert Oak Dresser from Leon’s   |   Desert Oak Night Table from Leon’s   |   White Faux Taxidermy Ram from Leon’s (in store)   |   Vespa Queen Bed from Leon’s   |   Aria Standing Mirror from Leon’s   |   Gold Stool and Brass Lamp on Dresser from Leon’s (in store)   |   White Edessa Shag Rug from Leon’s (in store)   |   Leather Fanny Pack from Fitzy   |   Ceramic Ring Dish from The Pursuits of Happiness   |   Plants: ZZ Plant on night table, Jade on Dresser, Pothos on Chest

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