Transforming a house into a beautiful home takes time and planning. But a sure fire way to make it your own is to infuse items that either evoke beautiful memories, or that you truly love.

That’s why when decorating your home, it’s important to stay true to yourself and stick with what speaks to you. Sometimes, that aligns with the latest and greatest trends and sometimes it doesn’t.

For me, my go-to is old bottles. There is something beautiful about their patina and the stories that they tell, but it’s more than that as each bottle represents a time and place where my family and I have ventured to in search of the perfect find, be it at a garage sale or a curiosity shop in the middle of nowhere. But vintage finds can sometimes be costly, so I sometimes supplement my collection with reproductions that when placed together, becomes a cohesive display as old and new mingle in beautiful harmony.Keeping the bottles monochromatic avoids them from looking cluttered and messy and mixing different heights and sizes adds for a little more interest.

To provide our living room with a little summer feel, I place both real and faux greenery in the bottles as the plants not only refresh the space, but add texture to the display.

Don’t feel constrained by time periods as I happen to love the contrast between the modern Austin sofa and the older bottle display. It just goes to show that when it comes to decorating, there are no rules other than to stay true to what matters to you and your family and that your decor is a reflection of you.

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