When my Husband and I purchased our current home, a bungalow on Lake Superior, the process was a little rushed and frenzied – to say the least.  Although our home inspection was fairly thorough, when the house was finally ours we noticed that one of the mirrored closet doors in our master bedroom was cracked. We were in need of a closet makeover. Big time. I had fantastically unlikely dreams about the glass shattering and crashing down on us while we slept, so we removed the doors and track immediately.  With the closet doors removed, this simple project snowballed and we decided that because it was so easily accessible now, the decrepit closet organizer should also be replaced.  It was, what we call, a little “wibbly wobbly”.

It’s at this point that we confirmed the hardwood flooring had indeed been installed up to and around the closet organizer, so we ripped that out and replaced it also!  At this point, why not, right?

While we were fussing with the closet, I was also painting the entire house – walls, ceiling, and trim – a fresh white.  With so much white happening, I decided to have a little fun in the closets.  I painted most of the closet interiors aqua or mint, but for our bedroom I chose my Hubby’s favorite hue:  orange!

When we finally had a blank (okay, orange) canvas to work with, complete with brand new, continuous flooring and even a new light fixture, we started shopping for a closet organizer.  We ended up finding a modular one we like, and installed it with a bank of drawers in the middle.  This is the set up we had in our last home and we found comfort – and convenience – in the familiarity.After we got the closet to this functional, much more attractive point, we sort of lost steam.  In our defense, we also tackled a series of budget-friendly, temporary makeovers throughout the rest of our home.  We painted the fireplace, updated the bathrooms – even built solid wood counters from scratch for our bold aqua kitchen makeover!  Oh yes, we also moved 1600km – in the dead of winter.  We didn’t have the funds or energy to shop for closet doors (which can be surprisingly expensive).  So we lived with our clothing on display for over a year!  Recently I decided that the master bedroom had to be made a priority, so we picked out beautiful dressers from Leon’s, built storage boxes for our open nightstands, purchased some new art, made some new art, and even sewed new tweed drapes.  With all of these improvements, we knew it was time to finally time to pick out some new closet doors.

If you’re in the market for new doors, rest assured that there are many styles to choose from: mirrored, frosted, or coloured glass, framed in various shades of wood and metal (framed or frameless, in a multitude of styles).  There is literally something to suit every style and taste imaginable, so closet doors can really become part of a room’s design.  After months of contemplation, we chose white glass.  We have many other reflective glass surfaces in our home, which lend a slightly beach vibe to the otherwise not-beachy, mid-century modern decor.  I like how the white glass complements the design elements in other rooms, because I’m really striving for a nice flow in my small home.  I didn’t want mirrored doors, largely because I don’t want to wake up and have my bedhead and faded pajamas greet my each morning, but I did want a surface that would bounce around light and help our fairly small bedroom feel spacious – the white glass fit the bill, but it came in many different colours, including my favorite: aqua!  Even with the white backing, it’s a slight minty hue, which I like.  We chose frameless for a modern look, and white metal to blend in with our white trim and walls.  I was surprised by how many aesthetic options were available, and we tried to make each decision carefully.

I have to say that I am thrilled with how beautiful they look!  I didn’t think it was possible to get this excited about closet doors – and now I’m embarrassed by how long we went without them!  Now that the furniture is in place, it’s a little trickier to photograph the closet in the small room, so you also get a peek at our headboard and matching side tables, which I designed and my Grandpa welded.
We ultimately chose the triple by-pass doors so we could access the middle bank of drawers, but I was informed by someone at a home improvement store that triple or quadruple by-pass doors, because each panel is smaller and weighs less, put less strain not only on the panels themselves but the track as well.  Hopefully that’s true, and these doors stay looking new (and un-cracked!) for a long time.  Truthfully,  I just like the convenience of three doors.  We lived so long with bi-fold closet doors in our last home that I grew accustomed to being able to fling them open and see all of my clothes at one glance.  While sliding doors don’t offer that, these triple by-pass doors do allow a lot of access.

I’ll be sharing more details of my master bedroom makeover – including some fun DIY projects, as well as a peek at my new dressers from Leon’s – so be sure to check back for the reveal!

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