What every good baker knows: A good kitchen setup is key

Whether you bake for paying customers or school bake sales, baking at home is an activity that takes up the entire kitchen. We need counter space, table space and an oven that works with our baking schedule. A double wall oven? Yes, please. How else can we make that many cupcakes after putting the kids to bed.

Sure, a dinette is great for mealtime, but bakers like us also need one that’s ideal for food prep. Kneading and rolling out dough is much more comfortable on the versatile pub-height table. And a double oven is a cook’s best friend: roast the main course and bake dessert at the same time.


Our Baker’s kitchen picks:

Counting Space

Love the look of this table set. Its kitchen cozy appeal starts with the rustic dark grey rubberwood construction, paired nicely with the metal nailhead details and cozy cream seating. But with the table standing 36 inches tall, it also serves as more counter space – a sought-after necessity when baking.
Jackson Dinette Pub-Height set

Double Duty Double Oven

The rose-gold/coppery finish isn’t just pretty to look at, it’s also fingerprint resistant – so no evidence of baker or taste testers left behind. And the cool part for everyone – no matter your baking skill set: The temperature automatically adjusts based on the recipe you enter without having to keep peaking inside the ovens.
Whirlpool Sunset Bronze Electric True Convection Double Wall Oven




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