Where you can be both over the moon and beneath the stars at the same time.

Over time, what we once considered our fixer upper has slowly become our forever home, and it’s all because of its location. Nestled on a quiet street at the edge of town, our laneway appears untouched by time. Surrounded by oversized lots, a gaze through our windows will have you enjoying a view of nothing but cornfieldsand if you’re lucky you even may catch a glimpse of vintage planes overhead, flying to and from the nearby hobbyist airport.

It’s become the perfect spot for us to raise our little adventure-seeking family, but we didn’t always see it this way. When we first bought our vintage fixer upper, the lawn was covered in tall, swaying dandelions, with seeds that threatened to fall at any minute. The gardens that had once been lovingly cared for were overgrown and swallowed by vines and weeds. The original patio in the backyard boasted a rotting wood deck at your feet, and above, an overhang covered in peeling paint. But even worse, despite the impending doom of a field full of dandelions, our backyard was stripped of any style or function.

So, why did we buy it? We saw its potential. Despite being old, forgotten and worn down, having a breezy spot of land to call our own, especially in the warmer months, was simply a luxury we couldn’t pass up. All it needed was a healthy dose of attention, lots of paint and a luxurious, island-inspired patio set.

We began the transformation of our backyard by power-washing the deck to remove the mold before painting on graphic stripes using outdoor paint. After a quick power-wash of the awful flaking ceiling, we too gave it new life with a coat of white paint. Once the bones of the space were restored to their former glory, we moved on to the fun part: finding furniture pieces that would allow us to get the most out of our new outdoor living area.

First up, the Jonathan Daybed: a big circular lounger that screams for plane watching and evening star gazing. Next, the Melville Outdoor Sectional. It not only gives our whole family a space to enjoy together, but it fits perfectly beneath the newly refurbished patio ceiling. It’s surely going to become the new hang-out spot during summer downpours. Now, when brooding clouds roll in, we won’t all have to fight for a seat.

This makeover went beyond adding some extra living space, it brought our rickety fixer upper one step closer to becoming our forever home. We put a lot of sweat and care into this makeover (and put the power washer to good use), and it was amazing to witness the transformation from an unused and forgotten space into a sanctuary. Now, our once neglected backyard looks and feels like a luxurious retreatno passports required! As a family that spends a lot of time outdoors, we finally have a communal space to soak in the sun and get the most out of our fleeting Canadian summers. It’s where morning coffee is enjoyed, where game-night unfolds and where we snuggle up in the afternoon to read (and subsequently nap). Surrounded by growthboth in the form of seedlings and our kiddiesthe patio is truly the most valuable space in our entire home during the summer.

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