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Isn’t it time you got a good night’s sleep?

You know the obvious stuff to sleep better – cut out caffeine, don’t work before bed, et cetera, et cetera. But there are some other sneaky reasons you’re feeling exhausted today. And it may be one or more of these reasons.

1. You didn’t go to bed on time.

We get it. No judgement. The Olympics are on. Work’s being extra, well, extra. But the importance of a regular sleep routine is key. Don’t believe us? That tired feeling should be evidence enough, but we found a study to reinforce it. So, go to bed around the same time every night of the week, and you can be more flexible on weekends – providing you have the chance to sleep in.

2. You ate late last night.

It’s Netflix and chill – not Netflix and nosh. While you might think it helps tire you out, the opposite can happen. And it can throw off both your hormonal balance, key for sleep, as well as your body’s sleep cycles.

3. Your body temperature is off.

You’re too hot. You’re too cold. You’ve changed the sheets and swapped comforters and still nothing works. And if you’re not comfortable, then your mattress could be interrupting your sleep. Thankfully like phones and cars, mattresses have evolved. And the technology is pretty impressive. Take the Kingsdown Squeeze Mattress. Made in Canada with high-density memory foam to support and contour the body, this bed is made with specially engineered fabric and cooling gel to help keep your body at Goldilocks’ temperature when you sleep.

4. Your bed isn’t working for you.

Your bed might be causing you pain. Like real, physical pain. A cramped leg. Sore back. A pain in the neck. These not-so-subtle signs mean that your bed is not supporting your body the way it should. A tip from sleep expert Alanna McGinn: “The more aches and pains you have, the more coils you want. You want to maintain full coverage. This is when your body is completely contoured by the mattress so that all pressure points are supported.” (if you do decide to do a redo on your bedroom, get inspired by this reno.)

5. You didn’t go to yoga class yesterday.

Practicing yoga has been shown to calm the body and relax tight muscles. It can help ease you into your shut-eye. Try this evening yoga routine.

6. Your phone is on your nightstand.

As much as we want to check work emails and make sure our Instas are getting enough likes (guilty!), that our phones and laptops emit blue light. And research shows that can be stimulating, which makes getting to sleep much more difficult. So (we’ll try too) keep your devices in another room, and let the darkness ease you to sleep.

7. You’re allergic to your bedding.

Not to gross you out or anything, but beds are a haven dust mites. And that can cause allergic reactions, ranging from sneezing to full-on asthma symptoms. McGinn also recommends replacing your pillow case ever six months, regularly washing your pillows and vacuuming your mattress, and not making your bed every day. That last one (which we can totally get behind) helps air out and dry out your bed, so the mites don’t thrive.

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