At the end of a busy day, once the kids have gone to bed (and perhaps after you’ve gotten some holiday wrapping done), a reading nook is the perfect place to unwind and relax!  A cozy spot with the right lighting to write those last few emails, read a book or sip a cup of warm tea.  There’s nothing quite better than having a little retreat in your own home!

5 Tips For Creating The Ultimate Reading Nook

  1.  Lighting

    If you’re able to set your reading corner close to a window, that’s an added bonus!  A warm light is a what you need to be able to read well at night.  Consider a reading lamp, or a small table lamp, but take into consideration how bright the bulb is as well as how much light the shade lets out.  You want more of a direct light, so that you can see what you’re reading, vs a light that will light up the entire room.

  2. Table

    You don’t need a large table with a lot of surface space, just something wide enough to set down a cup of tea and that can tuck neatly beside you chair.  Make sure that you bring the measurements of your chair with you when shopping for your table to ensure that you buy one that’s the right height.

  3. Bookcase

    Including a bookcase in your reading nook is a great way to keep all of your reading materials close by.  If, however you don’t have the space for a bookcase, a basket or two will do the trick!

  4. Comfortable chair

    Everyone has their own definition of comfort, so take the time to think about what you love about a comfy chair.  Do you like to be able to curl your legs beneath you?  Do you prefer a straight back and being able to rest your arms on the armrests?  Think about the depth of the chair, the width of the chair (space between the arms) and what fabric the chair is made of.  And you’ll be sure to find the chair that’s perfect for you!

  5. Cozy it up with a blanket and pillow

    There isn’t anything better than a cozy blanket to throw over your legs when you’re curled up with an amazing book, especially during the cooler months!  A feather filled pillow that hugs your back and a fluffy rug at your feet provide the most fantastic finishing touch!

Now all that’s left to do is sit down!  What’s your favourite way to unwind after a busy day?

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