The sectional in our basement has a pretty large role!  It’s the place where the entire family sits for a movie night (that’s five of us!), it’s where the kids and their friends hang out to play video games and it’s also where our guests sleep!

Since our family lives out of town, choosing a sectional that easily converts to a pull-out couch was a high on our list of “must-haves”.  When family comes to visit (especially during the holidays) we want them to stay a while, so having a comfortable place for them to rest was really important!  We took the time to configure the layout of the furniture prior to shopping to ensure that we would select the proper direction for the sectional, (you can choose to have the sectional right or left facing).

After unanimously choosing the Athina sectional, it was time to amp up the cozy factor of this space!  Our sons have so much fun spending time down here, especially during the winter months (I totally love hearing their excitement when they beat a tough level in a video game or during a funny part of a movie).  Adding pillows and throws was a great way to make this room extra welcoming and cozy.  Our middle son really loves having a comfy blanket to curl up with, it’s funny because it’s truly something that he appreciates, a great blanket.  So off I went to find the perfect throw!  But then it hit me, instead of purchasing a throw, I decided to purchase a queen size blanket since the couch is a sectional (lots of space to cover) and a pull out bed.  This way, we just have to give it a quick wash and then it’s ready to be used as bed linen!  It doesn’t take up that oh-so-valuable space in the linen closet because it’s stored in the basement.  It’s absolutely the perfect size for the sectional!

When prepping to host guests, think about all of the elements that you love most about your own bedroom and consider making a welcome basket.  Include various products such as mouthwash, q-tips, lotion, shampoo and conditioner, along with your favourite magazines, extra towels and perhaps a candy cane or two during the holidays!  A couple bottles of water to place beside their bed (with coasters already set in place) are the perfect finishing touch.Extra pillows can easily be stored in the bottom of the coffee table, which we move just next to the bed.  We also like to place the Ariel Chair in the corner, so that our guests can have a comfy place to sit if they want a little quiet time.There’s nothing better than celebrating the holidays with family!  Do you often have visitors stay with you for Christmas?

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