Designing a home office isn’t always a simple task.  When searching for furniture and accessories to fill our workspaces, we are often distracted by office supplies that not only look sterile but are a daily reminder of the pile of work that is calling our name.  A home office does not need to resemble those of a call center but can be an extension of your own taste and décor that is in other areas of your home.  We spend a lot of our time working so why can’t our office be stylish and inviting? It can!

As a lifestyle blogger for and a physician specializing in psychiatry, I spend a lot of my day at my desk.  It is important to feel comfortable in my work space in order for me to be productive and efficient all day long. Designing a functional work space that feels comfortable and remains true to your own taste and aesthetic is important when pulling a space together. Below I’ve gathered some great options that make the thought of to do lists and emails a little less daunting. I am humbled to be a guest contributor this week by sourcing the following items below that together or individually can spruce up your workspace this Fall.


  1. Passerina Chair: Having a little corner in an office away from your desk, can be the perfect place to read a book or take a work call.  A home office should be practical and functional, yet comfy and relaxing.
  1. An assortment of pillows is the perfect way to incorporate color and design into a room. When buying larger pieces of furniture, those in classic colors (gray, beige, brown) are often better investments. Using less expensive items like pillows, is a cost efficient way to have fun with different patterns, textures and colours.[Visit your local Leon’s to see the selection].
  1. Ariel Ottoman: After a long day in the office, having a place to put up your feet and enjoy a cup of tea is a must.  This Ariel Ottoman is the perfect color, size and shape for a small space.  This piece can easily be tucked underneath a desk or tucked away in the closest if more floor space is needed.
  1. Having a plant (faux or real) is the easiest way to add life to a room. Many of us spend a lot of our day in an office space, so having a piece of nature in view reminds us that there is a beautiful outside awaiting us!
  1. A soft area rug may be an investment piece, but it is worth the splurge. Not only is it cozy to lay your feet on as you work away at your desk, but it is a focal point in any room! [Visit your local Leon’s to see the selection].
  1. Gwendoyln Lamp: Instead of purchasing a standard desk lamp, try looking at the lamps sold in the living room or bedroom section. Staying away from the plastic desk lamps and instead incorporating one with a beautiful lampshade, like the Gwendoyln, can help add warmth to a room.
  1. Caffeine is vital for many to achieve a productive workday. 😉 Even the smallest details, like a beautiful coffee mug, can tie a room together. Choosing plain glassware that does not distract from your overall aesthetic is key in having a cohesive design.
  1. Marcel Computer Desk: The desk is arguably the most important piece of furniture in a home office. The Marcel is a great option as it has the perfect amount of storage. You can store paper and pens neatly away but there is not too much storage where the desk becomes bulky and consumes a small space.
  1. Ivan Accent Table: If a space is small, similar to many home offices, incorporating glass furniture sets up the illusion of more space. This side table is the perfect piece to rest a cup of coffee or a good book on as you take a break from the desk.
  1. Like people, rooms should have their own unique scents as well. Choosing a calming scent that smells fresh can make any work environment inviting and productive.
  1. Office supplies do not have to be something that are necessarily hidden in a drawer; they can be used as accessories and accent pieces. This rose colored laptop is a perfect way to tie in a color scheme.
  1. Sunshine Chair: Computer chairs are not always the most stylish pieces of furniture, but a classic black chair with wheels does not have to be the only option. This beautiful gray hue chair is sold as a dining chair but works perfectly in a home office setting.  Bonus tip: I actually found this chair in the dining section! Don’t be afraid to look into other sections of the store to find the perfect mix of furniture for your space. Break the rules!

A home office should be comfortable but also functional. We spend a large part of our day at our desks and therefore our office space should feel true to our own unique taste and style. Investing in comfortable furniture in a classic hue (as seen above in gray) is the perfect way to ensure that your pieces will be versatile year after year as you grown within your business and as an individual.

Blare June xx

Blare June is a lifestyle blogger from Halifax, Nova Scotia. What makes Blare June’s blog unique is that in addition to fashion she writes about mental illness, empowerment, and overall wellness. When Blare June isn’t blogging, she is working as a physician specializing in psychiatry in Halifax. You can find Blare June online at or on Instagram: @blarejune

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