I firmly believe that ottomans are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture that you can own.  If you have space to include an ottoman in your room makeover, then don’t pass up the opportunity!  When it came time to makeover our family room, one of the first things that I added to my list was an ottoman. If you look at an ottoman as just a place to kick up your feet, then you’re missing out on the other incredible ways that this piece can be used!

3 Ways To Use An Ottoman

  1. It’s a Table

    Yup, it’s true!  Most ottomans have a generous amount of surface space.  What’s so great about that, is that you can place it next to a chair or couch to be used a side table.  Or, if it’s large enough, it can certainly make for a great coffee table!  A great tray is all you need to create a spot to place a beverage and your favourite snacks! Eggnog anyone?!

  2. It’s Extra Seating

    We love to place our ottoman beneath the fireplace when it’s not in use. Not only because it’s neatly tucked away, but also because it’s the perfect perch for when you’ve just come in after being playing outside in the snow!  But when we have guests, or the kids want to sit close to the coffee table to enjoy a snack or play cards, we just slide it over and voila!  An extra place to sit!  You could also tuck the ottoman beneath your coffee table if it’s the right height when not in use!

  3. It’s A Place to Kick Up Your Feet

    Yes, of course the ottoman also provides you with the most incredible spot to kick up your feet!  After a long day, there isn’t anything better than slipping your feet out of your work shoes and resting your them on a cozy ottoman.  I could honestly be considered as the ottoman hog in our family, but you know, that’s okay (and I do share, promise!), but I just love it!  I call dibs on the ottoman after dinner because it’s truly my favourite place to sit.  Next to the fire with my feet up, watching tv or chatting away with the family. (pssst, it’s also the most perfect wrapping station!)

The ottoman is certainly an important member of our family and I’ve got to know, are you as big of a fan of this upholstered beauty as I am?

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