It’s hard to believe that 2015 is over! We had an excellent year over here at Hello Yellow. We shared inspiring DIY projects, decorating tips, recipes, a kitchen reno series, home makeovers and more! (Not to mention, we also launched Hello Holiday this year!) Today, we’re looking back on some of our most popular posts. Thank you to our talented group of Hello Yellow bloggers and thank YOU for reading! Happy New Year!

Best In Home Decor

  1. A Tiny Bedroom Makeover: The After by Design Sponge* editor Sabrina Smelko

    Surprise Surpise, ya’ll like makeovers?! 😉 Sabrina transformed her cramped dysfunctional bedroom into a cozy santuary in this small-space makeover. This post is packed with great ideas for making the most of the space you’ve got- for example opting for the dresser from the kids section?! BONUS: There’s a video!

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  2. A Wintery Wonderland by Lucy from Craftberry Bush

    This Holiday Season Lucy transported us into a Winter Wonderland when she invited us into her home to shoot the front cover of Hello Holiday. This post is full of great tips for decorating with neutrals & you won’t believe what the DIY Christmas trees are made out of!

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  3. Basement Makeover Reveal by Julie from Elliven Studio

    You had us at Lego zone. Over here at Hello Yellow we love a good series! In this makeover series we saw Julie renovate her basement to fit the needs of her growing family of five! Julie’s basement wasn’t very well designed in terms of aesthetics OR function. With the addition of some really smart furniture- Julie redesigned her basement into a fun, practical and most importantly comfortable space for her family to enjoy.

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Best In DIY

  1. DIY Framed Ornament Art by Melissa from The Sweet EscapeDIY Framed Ornament Tree Art #LeonsHelloHoliday

    Add this DIY framed tree to an existing gallery wall or save some space and use it in lieu of a tree! No bristles. No mess! Learn how to make a no fuss tree out of ornaments.

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  1. DIY Industrial Pipe Shelf by Kassandra Dekoning

    Industrial décor was definitely trendy this year. From industrial styled lighting to shelving and everything in between.. brick walls reigned supreme. Kassandra showed us the versatility of industrial shelving & how to style them into an energetic kids room. Best of all- in a step by step tutorial you can learn to make your own!

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  2. DIY Walnut storage boxes by Tanya from Dans Le Lakehouse

    If there weren’t photos of this box being constructed step-by-step.. we would never have believed this was a “DIY project”. In this post Tanya shows us how to create an absolutely stunning midcentury walnut box that can be used as display storage.

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  3. DIY Sequin Wreath by Thalita Murray

    Break free from the traditional greenery and welcome guests into your home next holiday season with a little “wow factor” and maybe even a little bling bling!

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Best In Food & Entertaining

  1. No Bake Mississippi Mud Pie by Brittany Stager

    This classic pudding based dessert is an unexpected surprise at a holiday dinner. With layers of rich homemade chocolate pudding and luscious whipped cream, this simple dessert will satisfy any sweet tooth after a hearty meal. Mmmm.

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  2. Pork Ricotta Meatballs By Aleshia from Less with Bread

    Tender with a crispy browned exterior and finished in a garlicky tomato sauce, these bites are warm and comforting, and again, easy to make ahead and store!

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  3. Summer Fruit Sangria by Brittany Stager

    Sangria. Enough said.

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Thank you for being a part of our 2015- we’ll see you next year!
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