1. Hide the Machine – if you can’t conceal the washer and dryer behind closed doors, think about adding a curtain, which can infuse some lovely texture and colour.
  2. Go Neutral – to make a small space feel bigger, keep it light and bright. Neutrals are the best starting point for the laundry room. Then you can…
  3. Add Some Character – whether it’s a small pop of colour or some cheeky art, having some fun with the décor can make the space feel less stuffy and more cheerful.
  4. Utilize Wasted Space – stacking your washer and dryer can instantly give you more space, or think about adding open shelving wherever possible. Install shelves as far up the wall as you can, placing little-used items, such as seasonal decorations, on the highest shelves.
  5. Get Creative with Storage – besides adding shelving, you could try a vertical sliding organizer beside the washer and dryer. Or think about adding a palette on the wall or behind a door where you can hang laundry items.
  6. Get Organized – laundry spaces can often be a dumping ground for other household items. Just going through and purging, grouping and labeling things can make a big difference.
  7. All About the Baskets – the best item to use for getting organized is the basket. They can contain all the clutter and always look beautiful.
  8. Add A Rack Above – try mounting a drying rack on the ceiling if you have no wall space.
  9. Find Folding Space – Add a folding table by fitting a cover over your utility sink. The new “countertop” can be mounted on the wall with hinges so it can be lifted away easily.
  10. Look Outside – when your laundry room isn’t spacious, having a dedicated spot in each family member’s room for a hamper will keep things organized.
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