In the Summer we encounter bright, warm and refreshing days that are good for the soul but also leave us to consider how we can simplify our living space. It’s always time to breathe some new life into particular areas of our home..especially the bedroom. I’m the type of gal that loves to change my decor up according to the season. For me, summer time the the perfect time to minimize belongings by having a yard sale or donating items. It’s your chance to feel refreshed within your home! Start by focusing on one particular room and you will not be overwhelmed. Looking to bring some new energy to your bedroom? Let me help.

10 Simple Tips for a Refreshed Bedroom! 
  1. PINPOINT YOUR STYLE. It can be tough to determine what specific style you’re drawn to. An easy way to start to develop your style is by collecting inspiration from magazines, blogs and Pinterest. Write down the repetitive items that keep appearing such as the furniture, lighting, decor, textures, patterns, colours and overall feeling of the space. For me, I was pinning and saving a lot of images with lots of whites, plants, and pops of navy blue. 
  2. PAINT. The simplest and most cost efficient way to update your space is with some paint! The impact is huge whether you’re going for dark and moody or a bright and vibrant atmosphere, paint is the best way to begin refreshing and transforming your bedroom.
  3. MIX & MATCH FURNITURE. A lot of times you can buy your furniture in a 5-piece set- but that doesn’t leave much room for self expression and creativity. In my Master Bedroom- instead of opting for two Pine Ridge Nightables, I saved a little extra cash by only purchasing one and I used a vintage ladder on one side of the bed. 

  4. PILLOWS. A simple way to dress up a bed, shift the personality and colour of any bedroom is by adding or changing accent pillows- plus there isn’t much commitment involved. 
  5. ARTWORK. Fill in that great big blank wall with framed artwork and photos. Your bedroom is the perfect place to add collections and arrange them in a way that defines YOU. (In this case, we actually made the artwork as a family! This simple lemon print is so easy a three year old can make it!)
  6. WINDOW TREATMENTS. Updating the bedroom can be as simple and changing out the existing drapery or blinds. Add vibrant patterned blinds and go high to create a BIG statement!
  7. PLANTS. The best way to refresh your bedroom is by adding plants! Plants have so many benefits such as purifying the air, adding colour to your decor and filling in those tough-to-style areas like the nooks and corners of your bedroom.
  8. MIRRORS. Mirrors are a great way to give a sense of space and depth while bringing energy and brightness into a bedroom, they come in many different shapes in sizes and are simply great for decorative purposes or practical needs.
  9. SHOP YOUR HOUSE. The simplest and most cost effective way to decorate is to give your existing decor a new home within your home! Your bedroom will definitely feel refreshed as it allows you to play, experiment, and create an environment that reflects you mood, style and taste at any given time. What is your best budget decorating or repurposing trick?
  10. MINIMIZE. Lastly and above all, minimize. Declutter any decor, books, trinkets, shoes, jewelry, etc. and find permanent homes for them or get rid of them. Get CREATIVE with your space, maybe use a wall to hang your hats or jewelry, a ladder to display scarves or books.

How easy are these 10 tips!? Also, because I am always looking to for creative ways to update my space, these key elements that make up a bedroom/room and can be done easily without spending a fortune! The lamp sitting on the nightstand used to be in the boys bedroom, the large tropical plant was once sitting in our kitchen corner, that Lemon Art Print was created by my son Jack, our bedding has been around for years, but because its neutral it goes with everything! It’s all about using what you have and how you can give it a new purpose. By following these tips, your bedroom will evolve into the relaxing oasis you’ve always imagined.

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