Looking for some mood board inspiration for your living room? Perhaps a bedroom or kitchen? Whichever room your new décor project is planned for, your design inspiration is covered. Designer and creative director Tiffany Pratt created these 10 mood boards so you can make your space gorgeous and bright.

Attica Swivel chair is shown in three colours in aqua blue, lime green and orange.

Choose Your Colour Mood

There is no accent piece better than a swivel chair. And, as a designer who loves colour, there is nothing cooler than a multi-coloured collection of swivel chairs in a living room, games room or office. I am obsessed with pairing the Attica Swivel Accent Chair in lime, red, and aqua together for real impact!

Passerina sofa is a modern sofa with clean blue lines and soft blue fabric.

Feeling Blue Mood Board

The best way to punch up a neutral living room is with a coloured sofa. Especially one that packs a stylish pop. With a more modern shape the Passerina Sofa fits perfectly in most spaces and instantly elevates a room’s style with its slick lines.

Glass top table with modern chairs are paired with earthy hues, including late, ivory and taupe.

You’ve Got Glass Mood Board

With a table base as sculptural as the Clearview Table, the décor possibilities are endless. You can paint out the base to match any interior colour scheme with its ever complimentary glass top – I did. You will not find a better dinette set to modernize an eat-in kitchen or small-living dining space. Factor in the chairs, with clean lines like this, and you will not regret the style spiral that this dinette set brings to your home.

Mia mirror fire place shown with metallics and soft neutrals

Reflecting on a Mirror Mood Board

This is one of my favourite pieces at Leon’s! The Mia Mirrored Fireplace adds instant elegance to any home in need of a fireplace. Not only does a fireplace bring a sense of cozy calm to a room – but the mirrored front makes it sparkle and adds a sense of space thanks to its reflective surface. Imagine the sparkle and shine around the holidays with this delightful mirrored fireplace!

Neutral bench with spindle carved legs shown with pastels and earthtones.

Take a Seat – Rather a Bench

Looking for a functional piece of furniture that serves multiple purposes? The Nevada Bench is perfect for the front hall, at the foot of the bed, as dining room seating, easy additional seating for a living room as well as a spot to sit in your dressing room. This bench hits a neutral high note with beautiful traditional lines that make it the perfect chameleon to complete any room!

Modern Gina chair is shown with warm colours

You Can Sit With Us

Anyone else out there always in search for the perfect chair? One that hugs you, has slick lines with a reasonable footprint to fit into any room. You know, a chair with a pitch so cozy you can sit and chat all night. Well, I found it. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Gina Side Chair.

The white storage ottoman can also be used for storage, too.

It’s Fashion Dahling

My solution for lounging, stacking and layering to a room is always adding in a collection of ottomans. Put your feet up. Sit more guests in front of the fire. Frost in some additional room accessories like throws or trays buy incorporating the ever-useful Cosmopolitan Fashion Ottoman. And I love that it’s off-white.

The blue glass table lamp is shown with rich and luxurious blues and greens

Your Wish is our Command

Multi-level light is key to a well-lit and cozy looking space. Nothing adds style, interest or flair to a room quite like lamp with beautiful lines and a pop of colour. A room is like a great outfit, and the Jeanie Table Lamp in blue the statement jewellery. Double your fun and try two and flank them in a living room or bedroom.

The Colour Play canvas print is a mix of primary colours and thick swatches of paint.

Painting by Numbers Mood Board

How do you add a splash of colour into your home? How do you tie together all of the colours in your space to make things feel cohesive? What is the best way to make a house feel like a home and a room really feel extra special? Art! Art! Art! This Colour Play Canvas painting has every colour you would want or need for any room.

This geometric rug is paired with spring hues of yellow, green and orange

This Carpet is Magic

What is the best way to bring personality into a room? A wildly patterned rug. It’s like art for your floors and candy for your eyes. This fun and geometric rug can really make a room feel bigger, more comforting and stylish. With all of its shades and tones, the Camino Rug hits all the high notes for me.

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