Is Your Mattress Sabotaging Your Metabolism?

how sleep affects metabolismToa Heftiba

What does sleep have to do with metabolism?

A lot. A good night’s sleep is good for the body in many ways, including your metabolism. According to medical research, not getting enough good, healthy sleep may be linked to diabetes, heart disease and brain disorders, such as stroke and Alzheimer’s disease. Another risk factor for these things: Being overweight or obese.

How your mattress can lead to weight gain

If your bed isn’t giving you the best rest then you’ll be exhaused. And when you’re tired, the excuse to not workout or eat good nutritious foods is just too easy. But WebMD suggests that there’s more going on. Your body is storing more food as fat when you’re not well rested and your insulin sensitivity drops by as much as 30 per cent. So not getting a good night’s sleep isn’t good for your metabolism. Also, a lack of sleep can also increases the stress hormone cortisol, which is also linked with weight gain.

Trainers and doctors both recommend you get enough sleep to help the body recover. And if sleep is good for your weight, then your mattress just might plays a big role. A 2009 study suggests that a new, firm mattress reduces stress (and cortisol) because it improves sleep quality and reduces pain.

So can you sleep your way to weight loss?

While there’s no conclusive study or research that shows sleeping eight-hours alone can lead to weight loss, experts do suggest that healthy sleeping habits can lead to a better, healthier lifestyle. But that is exactly what we’re supposed to have if we want to maintain weight or lose it!). According to this report by Shape, here are five things sleeping better does for us.

• We make better food choices when we’re well rested.
• We have more energy to exercise.
• We make better food choices.
• We burn more fat.
• We’re less hungry.

Now, this is a good mattress

A good mattress equals good sleep, which also equals good health (and a healthy body weight). According to the National Sleep Foundation, your mattress should be comfortable and supportive.

Test it out before you buy it, recommends Consumer Reports. Lie down. Feel how it supports shoulders, back, hips and legs. You should feel equally supported, and not contorted.

Had the worst sleep ever? Here are seven reasons why that happened.

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